Mazda MX5, RX7 and RX8 – HSD Coilovers


Dualtech & Monopro – Mk1, Mk2, FC3S, FD3S

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The MX5 is a great sporty car from the factory, with suspension being the only large modification needed to make a fantastic fast road/track car, and the HSD MX5 kits are fast becoming the obvious choice. The DualTech is suited to road and occasional track users, staying comfortable whilst being sporty. The MonoPro kit is aimed at road/track, being monotube the dampers have the valving finesse needed for road compliance, and the durability and consistent performance needed for the track.

Our RX7 and RX8 kits have been used heavily for both road and competition across the globe. The chassis’ have good mechanical traction and quality suspension is the finishing piece to a great road/track car. We have worked closely with stock RX7’s right through to championshp level drift cars and huge HP LS conversions to achieve a fantastic range of suspension. Track/drift spring rates are available on request.