Subaru Impreza – HSD Coilovers


Dualtech & Monopro – GC8, GDB, GRB

The Subaru Impreza is a car designed with performance in mind from the factory. A huge name in rally and circuit racing gives a great platform to start modifying, your first port of call should be suspension. With the GC8 and GDB having MacPherson suspension front and rear you get a great feature with HSD – camber adjustment front and rear. The GRB platform changed to rear wishbone suspension, so has front camber adjustment only.

The DualTech is a great twin-tube entry level kit for road and occasional track use. The MonoPro hsd monotube dampers like all big name, top end suspension systems. Compliant for the road with excellent damping control, yet durable and consistent under hard track use.Custom track spring rates are available on request.Both DualTech and MonoPro have seperate spring preload and height adjustment, camber adjustment and adjustable damping.