Do Luck Ignition Harness Kit RB26DETT R32/R33/R34

DL Ignition harness kit

€ 174,95 excl. b.t.w.

Product Details

The popular RB26DETT engine ignition system can show weakness when tuning for optimal efficiency.
The Do Luck Iginition harness kit overcomes such weaknesses.

Increased wire thickess for maximum power:

In orde to transfer the ignition signal with maximum strength and efficiency, all wires have increased thickness (1.6x thicker) over the stock wiring harness. Particular attention has been paid to power and earth lines for maximum power delivery for the strongest ignition signal. Do-Luck has considered ease of use for tuners too by providing a long ignition signal wire for easy connection of devises such as timing lights.

Idividual applications for each model:

Do-Luck makes installation of this harness as easy as possible with sperate kits for R32, R33 and R34 applications. With the correct vehicle kit, no cutting or soldering is required for installation.

Optional direct poer harness for further improved ignition strength:

For further ignition signal strengt, Do-Luck recommends the use of this direct power harness. Taking power direct from the battery, the signal can be further strengthened. A thick earth canle supports the increaded power input.