Mitsubishi Evo IV – X – HSD Coilovers


Dualtech & Monopro – CP9A, CT9A, CZ4A

The Mitsubishi Evo is an extremely capable car from the factory, only really requiring suspension work. The HSD kits can suit either the fast road and occasional track user with DualTech, or the more performance orientated car with the MonoPro.

We have developed the kit on our own Evo (as seen above) and worked closely with the specialists to fine tune spring rates. Our kits are highly rated by such clubs as the MLR. The DualTech is suitable for fast road use and achieving your desired look using the vast range of adjustment. The MonoPro is our flagship kit, compliant for the road, yet suited for performance cars used for track/circuit. Custom rates are available for MonoPro on request.